God Calls Us to Love Our Employees — Do You?

April 26, 2018

The more interviews that I do, the more I come to realize that in the end, it's all about relationships.

But as Christian business owners, how do we build good relationships with our employees?

How should we be treating our clients and customers? And what does our faith say about how we should interact with the community around us?

I've had the privilege to write a 3 article series for Business as Mission that dives deep on our relationships with employees, clients, and our community.

The first one is about our relationships with our employees. I hope you enjoy it!

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As a business owner, you provide many amazing things for your employees.

You provide financial security for their families, a sense of belonging, and the emotional well-being and satisfaction that comes from doing good work.

However, if Jesus were running a business, do you think he would stop there?

I believe that we are called to much more than that. We have so many more opportunities to bless our employees and care for them – to love our neighbors as ourselves.

We can learn leadership lessons from Jesus, think more deeply and compassionately about who we are hiring, find ways to engage spiritually with our employees, plus some other great ways of caring more for our employees.

Leadership Lessons from Jesus

In true biblical fashion, it turns out that the best way to lead others is to serve them.

Stephen Covey, who wrote one of the best-selling business books of all-time, was an advocate of this style of leadership, aptly called Servant Leadership.

This is also the style of leadership that Jesus used throughout his ministry. We see this in how he washed the feet of the apostles, humbling himself to serve them even though he was their King.

In fact, one of the people I have interviewed for Marketplace Disciples has based their entire business on teaching others how to lead in this way...

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